Administrative Consultants Versus Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Posted by | Administrative Consulting | August 14, 2014

Don’t confuse an Administrative Consultant with a Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Virtual Assistant or Virtual Agent.  What’s the difference?  Lots! Virtual Assistants, Intelligent Virtual Assistants or Virtual Agents are applications for your mobile devices.  Siri, Cortana, and Google Now are all examples of IVAs.  These applications use a “human-like” interface to make recommendations, answer questions, give […]

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Are You Giving Too Much Information Away For Free?

Posted by | Administrative Consulting | February 17, 2014

  When has someone crossed the line from friend to client? In the social media world, offering free advice, free downloads, giveaways, is the norm.  In fact, being a business person in today’s “social” arena means you have an obligation to “give” back to your followers/leads/clients.  Your social media focus needs to be less about […]

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Changing the World of Executive Assisting One Client at a Time

Posted by | Administrative Consulting | January 29, 2014

  Administrative Consulting is changing the face of the ‘outsourced EA’ and we’re leading the charge. A few years ago anyone asking “would you outsource your administration work”? would have gotten blank stares and the occasional scoff. Today, most, if not all, retired executive, small business owner, freelancer, and entrepreneur would all tell you they’ve […]

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