Administrative Consultants Versus Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Posted by | Administrative Consulting | August 14, 2014

Don’t confuse an Administrative Consultant with a Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Virtual Assistant or Virtual Agent.  What’s the difference?  Lots!

Virtual Assistants, Intelligent Virtual Assistants or Virtual Agents are applications for your mobile devices.  Siri, Cortana, and Google Now are all examples of IVAs.  These applications use a “human-like” interface to make recommendations, answer questions, give directions and perform actions by allocating requests to a set of Web services.  Even BlackBerry is set to launch its own BlackBerry “human-like” assistant within the next year.

An Administrative Consultant is an intelligent “human-being” who works virtually and answers your questions, makes recommendations, organizes your schedule, types for you, arranges logistics for your meetings, directs your calls and “gate-keeps” so you can have lunch, or go on vacation. This “human-being” also problem solves, anticipates your needs, and manages your bookkeeping and accounting.  A tech-savvy Administrative Consultant possesses the intuitive understanding of unfamiliar technology, and can determine the basic functions of any new technology, including virtual agent applications.

Sure Cortana, Siri and Google Now can tell you a lame-ass joke when asked, but so can an Administrative Consultant – “How do you organize a party in space?”  “You planet!”  However, only the Administrative Consultant can slap you on the back if you start to choke on your laughter!

According to reports, the Global IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) market will grow 30 % from

2013 – 2019.  The growth is driven by many factors, including the increasing demand for automated knowledge management. Companies need intelligent virtual assistants to manage database searches, and guide customers to a product selection to increase the company’s sales.

The Administrative Consultant industry is also one of the fastest growing markets around.  Entrepreneurs and SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises) are embracing the benefits of virtual administrative support because they save the cost of equipment, taxes, training, healthcare and insurance.

A great Administrative Consultant is unflappable, shrewd, and dependable.  Microsoft’s Cortana will never be able to shake hands with a client, or attend a meeting on your behalf.  Siri may be able to tell a joke when asked, but will never advise you about business opportunities while playing golf with you.  The great thing about an Administrative Consultant is the fact that they are human.   They have your best interest at heart and plan accordingly! Siri, Cortana and Google Now are simply applications that an Administrative Consultant may use to help manage your business.

An Administrative Consultant has always been and will always be superior to an application.

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